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What's next for me tarot-wise?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

3 Card Reading - Dreaming Way Tarot

Yesterday the Aeclectic Tarot Forums closed. I've been a moderator there since 2004, that's thirteen years. It's been my life on-line for all of that time and now it's gone, I'll have a lot more tarot time.

So I asked my Dreaming Way Tarot, 'What's next for me tarot-wise?'

I pulled 3 cards:

The Hermit 9

The Chariot 7

Justice 11

Wow, three Majors.. Well this certainly is a major event for me so the tarot isn't wrong there..

The cards seem to be saying that I'm going to have to take a long, hard look inside myself and from now on my tarot journey will in many ways be a much more solitary path (Hermit). It's up to me to drive my tarot studies and business forward and that will take a certain amount of strength of will and focus (Chariot). Decisions need to be made and if I want to get anything out of this I have to put an equal amount of effort in in the first place (Justice).

I added the numbers of the cards together to get the Summary or Quintessential Card (I find this adds that something extra to a reading) and got The Hermit 9 again which tells me that being a seeker and maybe a teacher too is the way for me to go right now. I've been pulling The Hermit a lot since I got the news of the forum's closure, this card seems to have a powerful message for me.

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