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  • Julie Francis

Daily Tarot Advice: 8 Pentacles - Sasuraibito Tarot

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

tarot card of the day, Sasuraibito Tarot
8 of Pentacles; Sasuraibito Tarot

Remember that life is all about balance, what you get is equal to the effort you put in. Get your head down and do some work this is a day for being productive.

I love how there’s duality in the cards so a problem and also the solution, advice and a warning. I see her immersed in the book she’s reading whilst balancing on the tower of books that she’s sitting on so the message could be that it’s a day for really getting stuck into whatever work you have to do but remember the balance, don’t be so immersed in it that you neglect everything else.

I love numbers in tarot too and 8s for me, as well as balance are about seeing results for past efforts so putting energy into real world things will start to manifest.

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