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Daily Tarot Advice: 7 Wands - The Wild Unknown Tarot

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

7 Wands - Wild Unknown Tarot
VII Wands: Wild Unknown Tarot

Stand up for yourself and for your convictions today, be confident, let your light shine brightly.

A lone wand or twig stands in the darkness, it's tip is on fire and gives off a bright glow which lights up the area around it. In front of it, in the darkness and so pictured as white wands (the lone wand is black) are 6 other wands, they have parted in the middle as if to let the flaming wand through.

7 Wands - Pamela Coleman Smith RWS Tarot

This card says to me 'It's all about you and what you believe in, stand up for those beliefs'... For me, there isn't so much of a defensive quality to this image as in the traditional Rider-Waite image where we see a man on a hill defending himself from an attack from below, these wands or sticks aren't attacking the main one, they've got out of the way and allowed the main wand to stand tall and to shine. It's like the parting of The Red Sea except in wand-form . I see the Fire element as representing action, life force, core beliefs etc and I see 7s as being related to The Chariot. They're about forging ahead, going deeper, initiation and testing yourself after the comfort and balance of the 6s. With the 7s it's as if you're fed up with things just going along nicely and you're in need of adding a bit of spice or something to shake things up a bit. These aren't unexpected or uncontrollable changes like the ones that come in the 5s though, these are us making a conscious decision to forge ahead or test ourselves. 7s also show problems but problems that can be overcome if we really apply ourselves (again that Chariot influence). So this card says to me that there may be some problems but I need to stand firm and believe in the courage of my convictions. Apply myself to the problem, maybe do something in a slightly different way but believe in myself. That burning torch is like something to aim for and to focus on.


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