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  • Julie Francis

Thoughts on the cards: Bianco Nero Tarot - IV Cups

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Tarot - 4 of Cups
Bianco Nero Tarot: 4 of Cups

I have a new deck, The Bianco Nero Tarot by Marco Proietto and I love it.  It's very obviously Rider-Waite-Smith based but it uses hand drawn ink illustrations and is influenced by antique engravings and woodcuts.  It has an old yet modern vibe. It's gorgeous and I feel inspired to read with it and to make some notes so I've decided to do some posts with my thoughts on these cards, no structure, just whatever comes into my head.

Today I'm looking at the IV Cups and straight away I'm seeing this card in a couple of different ways.  

My immediate thought is that the guy is determined not to look at, not to see the cup being offered, he almost looks as if he's deliberately ignoring it and is consciously turning his head away.   It's as if he's not really satisfied with how he's feeling now but he's decided that's the way it is and he's staying there.

My second thought is that he's so focused on the cups, the emotions and feelings he already has that he's not even aware that something is being offered, he's oblivious to it. 

He almost looks concerned or if not concerned, at least deep in thought and contemplation about the cups he already has.  There is a strong sense for me that something needs to happen and that fits well with the potential stagnation of the solid and stable number 4 when combined with the element of Water.  He doesn't look as if he's in a comfortable place and this isn't a place, emotionally or mentally that I'd want to be for too long.

I just love it when cards are as nuanced as this.

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