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Thoughts on the cards - Bianco Nero Tarot - V Cups

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Bianco Nero Tarot 5 of Cups

The first thing I noticed about this card is how much it looks like a Hermit card but without the lamp leading the way. Instead of a lamp this guy seems to be following a path littered with spilled cups. I think there's a metaphor there.

In most other versions of this card we see the cloaked figure from behind, their head is usually bent as if in grief and they focus on the empty cups in front of them, not noticing that behind them they still have two full cups.

The person in the Bianco Nero Tarot's card almost looks as if he is choosing to turn away from the cups that are full, he pulls his cloak around him and deliberatly turns towards the empty cups.

When this card shows up in a reading I think I need to ask myself (or my sitter if I'm reading for someone else), if I or they could somehow be choosing to focus on the negatives of the situation and if that's the case, how or what can I or they change so that we can turn things around and realise that things may not be as bad as they appear or at least that there may possibly be some positives where there appear to be none.

I need to ask 'Am I (are you) making things worse for yourself than they need to be?'

When I'm reading the cards I like to link each Minor card to the Major it's linked to numerically so for me the 5s are 'blessings in disguise', linked to The Hierophant. They show changes that are usually out of our control, the things that come to shake us out of the comfort we feel with the 4s. They have that 'I knew something was about to happen, everything seemed to be going so well' feel about them.

They are the sort of experiences that help us to grow though, the things that we look back on and know that even though they were tough at the time, they've ultimately made us the people we are today and in some way, the experience taught us something and helped us to move forward.


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