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  • Julie Francis

Thoughts on the Cards - Bianco Nero Tarot: X Wands

Bianco Nero Tarot - 10 of Wands

Well this card is very different from your typical 10 of Wands card.

Instead of being weighed down by his burdens, staggering along with the bunch of sticks in front of his face so that he can barely see where he's going as in most Rider-Waite-Smith based decks, this guy has shouldered his load and seems to be almost casually sauntering along the road. Yes, the path seems to be a long one and his destination (the village or town in the distance) is quite a long way off but the guy seems to be coping well with his task, it really doesn't look like much of a struggle and the 10 of Wands usually looks like a huge struggle.

The message here seems to be that you've already looked at your priorities and shifted things about a bit, you've done some organisation of the tasks ahead of you, changed things around and that's made those burdens of yours easier to carry so keep doing what you're doing, you're going to have to go for that final push but you're almost there and you've definitely got this.


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