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About Me & Tarot Sulis

I'm Julie.

I live in Nottingham, England with my family and 2 cats.

I discovered tarot reading about 20 years ago and mainly use it for personal insight and advice.. I believe that we control our own destinies and by using tarot to look at the past and present, it's possible to see future possibilities and so plan the best route to take to get the future that we really want..

I started making bags and reading cloths when I couldn't find something that I wanted to keep my own cards in.. I like natural fibres like cotton and silk and I didn't want tassels, bells and whistles or plastic beads.  Everything I found on the market at the time just seemed so mass produced and a lot of bags seemed to be made from man-made or quite cheap fabrics..  I thought my cards deserved something a bit more special and once I started looking I realised that there were loads of lovely fabric designs available and I also discovered that I really enjoyed hunting for fabrics to go with specific tarot decks.   So my website, Tarot Sulis was born, offering hand-made bags and reading cloths as well as tarot readings for advice (as opposed to fortune telling type readings).  Just me, my sewing machine and my tarot cards…

In 2014 I decided to start selling on Etsy too so I opened Sulis Creations where I sell ready made bags and made to order velvet reading cloths lined with either cotton or Dupion silk.  If you need a bag in a hurry or a reading cloth that's the place to go.

In my Etsy shop you can also find my crocheted creations; scarves, hats and accessories as well as amigurumi animals and keyrings.

People seem to like the things I make and the advice they get from the readings I do and as long as that continues, I'm happy.

Offering empowering, helpful tarot readings and making practical, beautiful and luxurious items for tarot and oracle lovers is my aim.

In May 2016 I made the decision to have my left leg amputated below the knee after a bad ankle injury from the early '90s caught up with me and there was no way to fix it.  So far it's definitely been the right decision and I'm now starting to enjoy life again and I'm learning to live life on one leg. 




under my favourite tree at Wollaton Park

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