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  • Julie Francis

What message do I need right now?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

2 card tarot reading
2 Card Reading - Wild Unknown Tarot

So I decided to pull a couple of cards from my Wild Unknown Tarot just because I love this deck and haven't used it for a while.. I asked 'What message do I need right now?' and the answer seems pretty direct and to the point:

The cards seem to be saying very clearly that I need to get creative, do some work, focus on my particular skills and don't forget the details. The Empress in particular tells me to believe in myself and nurture my creativity, I can do whatever I put my mind to but in order to grow I need to show what I can do, put myself out there and wait to see the results for they will surely come. A little patience and self belief will take me far.

I love the imagery used in this deck, so simple yet so complex. The spider has worked so hard on creating that beautiful web, it's her particular skill and now she must wait to see the results of her hard work, the number 8 is all about balance so if I put the work in, the results I see will be equal to that.

The Empress as a deciduous tree - she supports life, she's nurturing and strong and her growth comes and goes in cycles. Her branches reach out and speak of connection and of community and the pink glow shows she's alive and is creating. This is nurturing, abundant, life-affirming energy.

Thank you tarot, another powerful message for me.

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